Friday, September 9, 2011

why doesn't this woman run for office instead of the bus?

Here is a woman who was just trying to find the 2 bus stop for crying out loud, with somewhere to be in 30 minutes, which as any bus rider knows, is when the #2 will show up. #2 bus. anyway. all this public transportation shenanigans and i burble up like a cold sore and, sure she's game as long as i can walk and lay out my schpiel at the same time (truth: quite difficult).  nice? she was smiley and didn't swear even once, at me or the bus. she usually rides her bike to get where she's going, which endeared her to me almost as much as the way she said no, her cute top was not vintage (which is BS for odd-- i know this because i get this question a lot, e.g. You look real vintage), it's a nightgown from anthropology. i like a straight shooter who wears delicates on the outside. also, jeans that leave off so you can fully appreciate the badass boots -- that's good. Funny, practical, resourceful, wears nightgowns, not crazy -- why can't this woman represent Minnesota instead of michele god-told-me-to-wear-this-talbots-suit-from-the-90s bachmann?
P.S.  This caption box? No idea. I just press buttons. and stalk people.


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