Monday, September 26, 2011

Helena B. Carter is sick of looking stupid

Barf, i've had it up to here with Marc Jacobs and his quest for disturbed genius bs. smacks of effort man. also, who could make a career of making people look like they've just had a quart of malt likker and some blow at 8 a.m. and subsequently shot low-budget porn that involves illegal immigrants and invertebrates? thanks juergen, but here's how it's done...
ok she asked me to cut off her head, and i was like, i think i can do that.  because it's all about the Marc Jacobs lace-up shoes, hot off the runway, that she waited and waited for (easily 15 minutes). you see why this pisses me off-- his ads are a clumsy ploy to appear avant garde and above bending over for the walmart masses when in fact he is churning out vanilla ice cream. who could not like it? massive moa-sized egos aside, i like the way she gave marc a lesson in creative genius with some flirty black stuff and a hit of urban Alpha Industries jacket. we were at Northern Clay, tossing back cheap wine appreciating art.

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