Saturday, August 14, 2010

Trader Joe's dairy princess

Really nice contrast of colors and textures and the cutest ankle strap Tevas I've ever seen. She has two pairs. Love the tweed + lace skirt, although it hurts a little that it's Forever 21. I'm uppity about clothes but I'm working on that. Can't hate on Forever 21 -- cute stuff cheap is a winner every time.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As poor in quality as this photo is, I'm reposting it because it says so much about why I do this blog. I was talking to my daughter about how beautiful this woman is, how perfect the dress is and the way it just nails a sort of Palm Springs elegance. And oh by the way, this woman is not 26. I look at Vogue (note: do not often read) and am a dedicated follower of many street style blogs, and it's tough to find even one image of a woman over the age of 40. That hits close to the bone. The daughter proffered the excuse that of course everyone wants to look at attractive people who make the clothes look good. As hard as this is to swallow, it's a completely legitimate philosophy for advertisers, and almost acceptable for editorial purposes in a fashion magazine, but showing only young, thin, attractive women in a style blog is an unacceptable failing. Style is about how people use clothing to express themselves. Trust me, this gets trickier past 40, but there are plenty of women who have taken on the extra challenges and exhibit style sense that's every bit as fit and toned as a 27-year-old's legs. Which seems to be the requirement for many style bloggers -- The Sartorialist, Facehunter, Garance Dore (who should know better), Jak & Jil, Wayne Tippetts. Older men, yes, you see them on The Sartorialist frequently. Older women display that same richness and history in the way they dress, the same ease with themselves, and often significantly more grace and humor in the way they dress than young women.
This woman doesn't look good for her age, she looks good. Period. And style? Pitch perfect, adroit, fluent. There, got that off my chest.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


From about a block away, I called this guy's suit -- Etro from London. Actually this whole party is about as chic as it got. The woman on the left made cargo pants absolutely urbane with some beautiful jeweled stiletto sandals that you'll have to take my word on, as I handily cut them off. Sorry. The woman on the right is playing the ruffled blouse/shorts dichotomy expertly. Which reminds me -- shorts, mostly tiny shorts, walked tall at Glamorama. Saw 'em left and right. I'm a huge fan.

On the left, we have the Office Max dress -- it's not just for ink cartridges any more! Office Max partially sponsored Glamorama, so local designer Joynoelle taught Project Runway a lesson by painstakingly, skillfully, mitering rubberbands (the green stripes) and some kind of black ribbony office product (tape?). I would never have thought of cutting rubberbands on the bias. Belt, rosette and neckline frill are all paperclips. The woman on the right is not wearing any office products that I know of, but looks pretty in pleats nonetheless.


Yes it's Pucci-inspired and she's wearing it perfectly -- big smile, light heart and a good-natured guy.

Can you tell that's faux mink on these fabulous tapestry court booties? The very soul of couture, taking a single idea -- Louis XIV for example-- and running way over the top with it. You know, it doesn't take a LVHM budget to pull off the look, as these shoes of modest provenance prove.


Here's an example of indie designer Amanda Christine. She got this off-the-rack at Cliche but it looks like it was made for her, it fits so well. Love the cut in shoulders and draped skirt. Putting it together with the vivid bag and vintage-y looking gold shoes, well, it makes me happy, that's all.

These two know how to have fun, sassy and stupendous! The gray dress is Max Mara (I think) and her organic necklace is a bespoke piece from Israel. The black backless on blond -- mercy.


One of the first persons I intercepted outside the Orpheum was another street style blogger, the Minneapoline. Natch she would never publish a blink photo, but I would because I want you to notice her nice vintage trousers and wonderful lace-up boots. We agreed that opportunities, while not strictly street style in that attendees put a whole lot more thought into their statement than the average outing, came thick and fast. Another consensus was that the level of awareness of fashion, history, trends and workmanship has jumped even since last year at this event. I saw a lot more indie designers represented, vintage put together with current fearlessly and seamlessly, and experimentation with shape and fabric. Overall tight and short ruled the day with vertiginous heels almost universal.
Even more egregious than publishing a blink photo, I am here going to verbally describe my hands-down favorite dress that I missed due to camera failure (I could weep). It was a bit of fairy fancy worn by a tinkerbell who had just returned from an internship with Armani in Florence. Italy. She found the frock in a boutique in that city. The low-backed mini shift had a tulle overlay adorned with 18" ribbons and crystals. the neck and tracing the U-back were encrusted with crystals. The effect was sea nymph-mermaid (without the fins)-fairy of the deep, ethereal and sublime.


Again with the iPhone, ugh. Did you think Rodarte when you saw her legs? I did, and loved it. They're actually tights from Wolford. But she didn't leave it at that-- substantial sandals, a quietly wonderful LBD and chunky gold baubles that just frame her beautiful mind. Clever, off-beat, integrated, this woman has style chops in no uncertain terms. As a PS, take a look through the blur at her friend's (in the white skirt) 24K heels.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I'm going to apologize right up front that I didn't think to change my camera batteries before this event-of-the-year. Result: I borrowed my husband's iPhone because I could not let this beautiful woman and her stunning gown go unrecorded. How well do I know the difficulty women who are, blessedly, not Forever 21 have in looking stylish and, to borrow from our favorite academe Paris Hilton, hot. This woman turned to vintage Lily Pulitzer. It worked.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

uptown Minneapolis

Glamorama is here every day my friends. Middle of the day and these two were sauntering down the avenue. Heels are a marvelous thing.