Thursday, October 11, 2007


Can I just say a word about men's fashion? Ugh. I guess it's because if they actually look noticeably different, e.g. man bag, tight pants, scarily structured hair, hair-baring decolletage, what you really notice is the gargantuan effort it required. Most male early adopters look exhausted from it. Example A appeared in the Source section of the Star Tribune today. Artiste Kramp declares: "The myth of the fashion city is over for me. I can define the city that I'm in. That's why I'm here." If only we had known.

No word on the coat. Also no coat. Anxiety deepens.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

tiny world rocked

I was inspired to establish this blog by an extraordinary haul on my Sept. 29th Savers run -- full length 100% cashmere coat in a voluminous snuggly design maintained in unimaginably pristine condition; natty Chaiken wool tweed pants with leather waistband; super-slinky halter-collared bit of business; vintage Oval Room fitted wool sweater jacket that channels Katherine Hepburn; purple leather foldover boots by 9West; it goes on. Spent a doable $53.56 on the lot. So I was basking in the pride of ownership even as the heat of the hunt was cooling when, through unknown processes since I swear I am not one of those eBay slaves, I found myself in a wonderland of mind-boggling design and all I was able to sputter for the next few days was star4488. It's an eBay store of Chinese origin with the sweetest, most amazing knock-offs. Not those hideous plastic inflictions you find on Canal Street which were unspeakably ugly even fresh off the Vuitton assembly line. Coats mostly with astounding detail -- Burberry, Chanel, Chloe, Moschino. So the design inspiration was good and right with the universe. Any self-respecting knockoff organization has a responsibility to knock these off. And considering the level of detail, this was the work of the experienced 16-year-old workers, at the very least. So blown away I was, that I went through the tooth-pulling of setting up an eBay account and bidding on a particularly wild and wooly coat which was listed at $148. Also as "charm lovable runway outstanding coat." I got it for $60 but let us not forget the $40 shipping from the Far East. I had an excite email exchange about the shipping which resulted in my confuse and i pay sorry discount $6. It was lively and fun and I expect a coat in the mail in about 5 days. I have ugly suspicions about that wool that's so cheap it wrinkles. Have I discovered Shangri-La? Will report back.