Sunday, April 24, 2011

Menards, by the grass seed

Drawn in by the Target tights again.  I officially have a problem, a syndrome -- ATTA Girl (Attracted to Target Tights Anonymous for girls).  One of the hallmarks of the disorder is that i don't shop at Target nor do i own any patterned tights, i merely stalk people wearing them. eeuw.  but enough about me.
beyond the tights, i dug her boots and add-on braids and just the fact that she was raising the bar at Menards where sweatpants and 20 extra pounds are the norm. i imagined i could go unirrigated from a sweaty trail run to mulling the benefits of fast-growing grass seed for bare spots.  judging from her expression, my attempt to play off the smell as fertilizer may not have been effective. sorry.

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