Sunday, April 10, 2011

Envision more events like this, coming up

 Wow huh? Plaid tights! Oh, and the dress is made by a St. Paul-ite who designs under the name Injured Aesthetic.

I hope I'm not pulling a big fat stupid here by saying the chick on the left is about the sassiest knocked up woman I ever saw.  Give me a solid here -- she is pregnant, right? Naturally the showstopper was on the right. When I found out this cutout-back, trained and insane outrage was Zac Posen FOR TARGET, well, strangely I'm angered.  Where the hell was I? Why didn't I get my sorry self over to Target and nab one of these puppies for myself? The woman in the middle is wearing a dress from Cliche, one of the Envision featured shops.

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