Sunday, April 10, 2011

Envision just keeps going

 Notable in that he's cute as the dickens and not wearing a sports jacket and jeans like nearly every other guy there.

This just became the post with all the cute people -- am I right? Rosy cheeked and tall with tiny and adorable, oh for J Crew.  But these two show a lot more individuality, really slinging style around like,  I don't know...people don't sling as much as they used to when their ears hung low. Now I'm going to point out the obvious -- he's wearing a lavender sweater under an H&M trench, inside! Lavender looks good on him! She's got on lacy tights!  And really long feather earrings that the boyfriend there got on Etsy for her birthday! And she jazzed up a tan sweater and black skirt with a sequined jacket! They're both wearing well-made practical footwear! I'm obnoxious, full of self-loathing, must go.

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