Monday, April 11, 2011

one historic orgasmic event at Goodwill University Ave

So what if I'm a label whore. The Burberry skirt suit above and those gems below are only the highlights from a single trip to the Goodwill, one that will go down in history for me. 

 That's right my friends, Chanel, with those shiny shiny buttons.

This is Nipon Boutique going all Coco for ladies who are not quite in the Chanel income bracket.

 Kookai. Don't ask me to pronounce this. Wool and alpaca.

 Look brand new! It's cheapy but inventive with these fun cutouts on the back.

 This is just fantastic -- the top made completely of soutache and the bottom embroidered. The label says Zehar Vale or something like that. Can't be too haughty about that.

Watters and Watters. This is what I forgot to wear as mother-of-the-bride. Oops.

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