Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lake Street Savers

So much going on here, i may have to add on to the photo's thousand words with a few of my own. Yes, she is wearing a denim vest, beautiful scarf, sparkly stretch mini skirt and DIY legwarmers with a patch of drawings a friend made on fabric. Like a signature on a japanese print, right? What is not as readily apparent but you will appreciate once i tell you to look for it, is the faux fur bonnet with kittie ears. A friend (lucky lucky woman has a lot of talented crafty friends) made it, lining the ears with the requisite contrasting fabric, as you would. This many awesome elements coming together does not just happen and i for one, appreciate the effort.
Note the mess i was making of the dress rack at Savers. I was hunting. See the violet number reeking of experimentalism hanging on the left side of the photo? I'm wearing that as we speak, minus the aluminum pop top that was sewn on the collar. I draw the line at wearing packaging, and particularly representations of sugary soft drinks, so i cut it off. But since the dress is sheer (maybe rayon jersey), i'm wearing a red ruffled bustier on the outside for the sake of modesty. Ha. See the thick white stitching at the hem? Guess what? You can pull the white strings and gather the hem, but only in sections. Or not. You can wear foundations. Or not. Tunic, pajamas, dress, scandalous, hideous adorable -- for $4.49 this thing has more options than you can shake a stick at.

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