Wednesday, September 21, 2011

boots come out of the closet

what i meant was, now that it's cold out, people are outing with big kicks -- swaggering, stomping, made-for-walkin', whoop ass, make-me, dominatrix, rootin tootin footwear. but then, it also happens to be the first day of the newly outed gay-friendly military, so...

sir yes sir, these boots are thom browne, and thanks for asking. and ooo, isn't telling fun? like those ones above -- those are cowboy boots and they're karen's.

four out of five people in my immediate vicinity at st. kate's were wearing tall boots. i was the one thing that was not like the others as i had on sandals. and frostbite. everything about her story here is pretty terrific  -- the quiet colors, the classy shirt, the well-worn boots (kenneth cole) and the single stripe tote. also her hair which i think she got at j crew. but we're focusing on boots in this post -- she is really wearing these boots, swaggering like crazy. lookout cuz i am going to econ 201. 
this is why i can't wear tall boots. i never went to econ 201.

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