Sunday, September 11, 2011

art student, St. Kates

standing there in dappled light, all bucolic and gentle breezy and tom-shod, i am unbelievably tempted to make an impressionism reference, as you would, because she's an art student. don't be sisley, manet an artist will be pissarro when they read this because degas-ga for upholding the dignity of the masters.
cassatt closed. there is no morisot.
she is thinking, where is my firearm when i need it? because i babbled on about how it was nice to see a student flouting the jeans-and-t-shirt uniform, and i realized it was incredibly fox news-ish (which is to say, ignorant and flawed) even as it exited my mouth, and sure enough, as we looked around, there was not a jeans or t-shirt attired student in that time zone. of course, the semester is very young. and i am a foo' very artistic.

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