Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cliche was fresh as a dahlia

The genuine article, purchased at a rootin' tootin' Western store. The two-tone shore is purrrrdy, but the  cowgirl pleasin' natural fact is that these here two-steppers are stitched up by an outfit name of Reebok, so they're right comfortable sunup til sundown. If someone doesn't stop me from writing like a dadgum idjit I'm going to put a rope around my own neck and pull it real tight.
Goodness, I loathe westerns.

Oooooo, this is festive, isn't it?  Don't even look at her face yet-- we'll get to that. For now, focus on la cage aux frocks, dress behind bars, State Fair blue ribbon winner, bluebird in a cage of happiness....and i'm spent. no more capitol letters. isn't it swell? correct me if i'm right (wrong is what i do), but i think this movement in blue is by local designer Sarah Holm. it's available at Cliche, or was, for about 15 minutes after this crosswalk fashion event. then it sold out. did i mention this is a model? what gave it away? the shoes are her own and tie in (i am on fire) wonderfully. there is something that makes me happy about the neon catfight on the ground -- like two costumed mascots having a go, or the girls bathroom at Central.

Well huh, pink lips. Messing with you -- i'm a fan of blue hair. i think that's because i relate so strongly with marge simpson. the eye design is the anti-egyptian -- lined on the inside rather than the outside-- would that be the arab eye? hooooo boy, i feel walk like an egyptian coming on.

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