Monday, September 12, 2011

Stephanie goes to the store

I caught Stephanie Lake, PhD in History of Decorative Arts, Design and Material Culture at Cub -- dang, this is how the quality live.  oh that's right, it just seemed like Cub because of the really loud good DJ and the champagne in swarovski plastic flutes. it was actually Fashion's Night Out at Niemans. usually fashion has to stay home sweeping the hearth, so i got down there to document the whole thing and right out of the gate ran into stephanie. i like to brag and tell people i know stephanie -- you know, class by association. i'm not even trying to be a slavering sycophant when i say she's this rare combination of pretty, smart and nice, e.g. she didn't even call security when i lurched up to her smelling like three day old fish (sorry steph, that damn sears acrylic). 
did i mention, stephanie's effin talented? all that wealth shining like the sun, the zena bracelet, the bulletproof breastplate, the insanely posh bag karl lagerfeld wishes he could have designed but he's stuck on white powdered wigs and sticking fabric flowers on freja beha erichsen right now? she made all that!!!! dreamed up the design, mined the metal with her trusty burro brighty and forged it over her very own hot plate. i'm an idiot -- of course she used her Aga. a bag like that, with handles and texture and everything, it boggles the mind that someone could actually construct something so artful + functional. it's on par with producing quilted toilet paper at home -- who could do it? an artist, that's who. before you go off and embarrass yourself by thinking she's the hottest lunch lady that ever scooped macaroni and cheese, that is a bejeweled vintage hair net ornament. sheesh.
P.S. 'member a while back at glamorama when the underpants-of-the-raj chick got insulted and really told me? despite the chihuahua in texarkana reference, i really did think she was hotter than georgia asphalt. and i really do think stephanie is a pretty, smart, nice and talented artist. there's probly something wrong when you have to print a disclaimer.

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