Wednesday, September 14, 2011

proof positive, alien at Minnehaha

sharp as i am and ever vigilant for other life forms, particularly if they're well dressed, i spotted something unusual about this sprite (on the right, ooo that rhymes) lugging an alien-sized bag, full of suspicious lumps (i'm pretty sure i saw it kick and a little squeaky alien voice said, Take me to the front of this insane Sea Salt line) and i quickly deduced, aha! she rode her bike in this sweet blouse, pink-as-a-tutu skirt and attractive sandals! she's just acting like she knows the woman on the left who is also cute as the dickens with equally cute flats so as to blend in, look normal. but she's actually one of those people who bikes in pretty clothes! instead of nasty lycra pants with built-in incontinence protection and shoes that make you walk like frankenstein but louder! busted! 
if you see something, say something, right? without even bothering to wipe a big chunk of po' boy off my lip, i marched up there and gave them my street style schpiel,  smooth as anything, and documented the whole thing! mission accomplished brownie, helluva job.  yeah, i don't know what that strange glowing light is emanating from the alien-sized bag. although i can now curl my tongue.

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