Thursday, September 15, 2011

hello kitty goes deep cover

This couple scooted right past the guardrail and the great big old no trespassing signs for a moment of quiet togetherness underneath the thundering Minnehaha Falls. i liked their posture of ease and attentiveness to each other. note that they're not on the phone or texting or eating or taking pictures (like some crass and baseless people), and i realized how rare the simplicity of the moment was. plus, i liked her dress + boots. seeing as how their privacy was already compromised by the 4300 gawkers around the overlook training their eyeballs on their every move, i felt only the tiniest trickle of smarm in outing with the hello kitty camera ....and besides, i was recording a tableau of social and sartorial significance, right?
actually i was creating a work of pointillism (it's art, gosh) by straining hello kitty's pixels till they practically burst a blood vessel. i felt like a p.i., which is to say, quite dirty.

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Berryvox said...

A Hello Kitty camera? I must have one!