Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pyramid Pyramid Artist

Similar to the ever popular Duck Duck Goose (or Duck Duck Grey Duck for those of you who had limited childhood exposure to poultry), in this version, Pyramid Pyramid is the name of her jewelry shop on Etsy. And she's the artist. You take her photo and go run around the lake... wow, really tanked. it seemed a lot funnier in my mind. where it's now imprinted because i repeated pyramid pyramid 417 times so i wouldn't forget it.
Let's Look At Pattern!!!! Up, down and sideways on the dress, argyle on the knee-his (heart), tortoise on the tote she found in the trash, canvas on the boys' houseslipper/mocs (i know this because my brothers rocked these dogs while lounging, along with their sears jeans with iron-on patches on the knees) and...
big beaded ear-blings made by her very own self. i zoomed in like this so you could get the tote, dress and earrings in one strong dose, but all i can see is the guy pushing the woman in the wheelchair. she must be Nefertiti. pyramid pyramid.

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