Sunday, September 4, 2011

the three charlie's angels

I was going to title this The Three Musketeers but then i assumed (there i go again, making an ass of u and me) they hadn't read the book because the last time it was on a required reading list was 1974. and they looked like whoop-ass kind of Charlie's Angels, a show i experienced vicariously as we (the northbrook hillbillies) did not have a TV yet -- the girl in the middle  above being the tough chick and the other two being the ones who smiled and said, hold it scumbag this curling iron is set to castrate, while their lipgloss be poppin the whole time. thus the title. 
you know, i think it's dumb to list the provenance of their clothes, partly because i asked like a fucking tool and promptly forgot, and partly because, what, you're going to run out and get her profusely grommetted badass hip party and awesome strawberry blond hair? not even. because it came from some pop-up store (the hair of course) that was unloading stolen perfectly legitmate merchandise and other excess stuff. probly. angel on the left? vintage orlon knit dress and robbin' hood boots she got in london, actually the very last pair in the whole city. which she got from kate moss. who has decided not to wear underpants in public any more, so there's no need for the boots. duh.  angel on the right was not satisfied with domestic tights so she went to london too and got these lacey bits which you cannot distinguish from Target goods thanks to my very plastic nice camera. (since i only recently got a clothes dryer and a microwave, things are not looking good for a camera with knobs anytime soon). i briefly noticed her canvas spatted boots but blew them off for...

her gigantic grill! where i normally keep a piece of spinach, she has a fake diamond! so much cooler! i can't help noticing, as i would if i was one of those very close talkers, that her skin is really really perfect. this is maybe not the kind of thing you want to find out from a stranger (i have absolutely no record of untoward dermatologic activity). i'm just saying.

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