Friday, September 16, 2011

clucking fabulous

We've veered into poultry my friends which is not that far off the style path, as Woodstock, above, demonstrates. She's a Silkie! and a registered therapy chicken! let me explain. i went on the annual Twin City Parade of Chicken Coops, a didactic affair organized by EggPlant Farm Supply store in St. Paul designed to educate people about the joys of urban poultry raising. I'm absolutely devoted! the variety and pattern! tufts on the head! shaggy feet! fluffy feathers, stiff feathers, really long loopy feathers, in the most outrageous colors and patterns! and breed names to match-- speckled sussex, silver laced wyandotte, buff orpington (heart), frizzled cochin, black australorp, barnvelder!!
back to woodstock, her handler/person is a therapist who uses dogs, horses and woodstock to calm her people patients and spill about their problems (that's the technical lingo). woodstock is, as she appears, very soft and pretty placid as chickens go, so she'll perch in your lap and let you pet her and cluck softly and probably not peck you.  she's incarcerated there (chicken wire!) for her own safety against hawks and raccoons and such. this hen is beyond fabulous and she knows it.

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