Saturday, September 17, 2011

my doppelganger

oh my gosh, so many people were like, you two are clones! i know! i mean, i'm more of a summer but otherwise, yeah, straight up doppelganger.
weird huh?
PS. just to make me look extra psychotic, the ad will have changed but right now, right below these very words is an ad for Padded Underwear Women. !!!???? i find this very very disturbing. just thinking about padded underwear women is making me uncomfortable. DO NOT click on an ad for padded underwear women. and if you do, tell me what you find. i bet my doppelganger is worried about padded underwear women too. did google think my audience would be interested in padded underwear women? why would they think such a thing? wait, are you interested in padded underwear women? i'm going to say padded underwear women one more time and then me and my padded underwear are going to bed.

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