Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summit Ave.

So I saw this hot mama and her line of ducklings crossing the street. She was such a bright flower and all the more so in contrast to her uniformed entourage. In their off hours, she reports, the girls are as stylistically expressive as their mom. Her maxi is of Target clearance provenance. Normally it would be chopped up and put back together in another way, but this one made it through unamended. She's had the dreds for about five years -- about the same amount of time she's had the kids. As a lifestyle, they complement each other she says.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

St. Vincent dePaul, Minneapolis

I didn't notice at the time but now that I see this photo, it's one of my very favorite, as are the two women. They've been friends for 44 years and thrifting together for almost as long. Lucky is not strong enough and blessed sounds liturgical, but however you describe it, these friends know what they've got in each other and just exuded this joy in each other's company, and in unearthing gems. Example A, the fringed jacket. It was unanimously approved and purchased.

I first noticed the flashier of the two on the left and below (she says the ensemble she came in below was extremely restrained, practically monastic, compared to her usual level of expression) as one might with her dramatic head wrap and awesomely art nouveau necklace. Also please note her gypsy hoop earrings. Then her friend happened by and made a self-deprecating comment about her plain old jeans and I couldn't help but notice her utterly simple but strong sterling cuff. She said it was made by a Minneapolis artist and she's had it for nearly 40 years. His signature is on the inside. I said I wanted to be able to see the bracelet in the picture. See how their arms make the same angle and they way they lean toward each other? So many things to like about these ladies and this picture.
By the by, one of the friends is from Winona and they both agree, the thrifting there is crazy good.

TC 1 Mile Championships

Flag-wrapped and talking with the media, it's hard to imagine looking this pretty after running a 4:34 mile. Wait there are several parts there that are hard to imagine, individually and jointly. That's Anna Pierce, the 2010 US Road Mile Champion.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Friends School Plant Sale

Even hipsters need plants. These two look as incredulous as I was about the lines, the crowds. I could not believe zinnias and heirloom tomatoes and the like could spark such a frenzy. Well maybe the heirloom tomatoes. I got a Caspian Pink and a Green Zebra and a Prudence Purple. Also something in a traditional red.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The University Avenue Project

Love the shape and flare of this trench by Joe's (not just jeans). Jade ear plug.

more University Avenue Project



Wow, look at that bag.

The University Avenue Project

This was meant to show spangly decor and mint green nail polish -- mission only accomplished with good imagination.

Note the Louboutin-esque red soles. Heart.

Look, she bought the book, printed by Minnesota Historical Society and available there and at the website, http://www.theuniversityaveproject.com/. Actually, I strongly encourage you to go over to the installation at 1433 University Avenue, St. Paul. It will be projected on these huge screens every evening at dusk from now until the end of October.
This woman really knows color. The green beads did it for me.

The University Avenue Project, St. Paul

This is Thomas, the French bulldog, and the cutest accessory, bar none. He appreciated the Project's slice of life but really dug the love and attention directed his way.

I'm tempted to say Baby got back here but only because she had a lot going on artistically awful people -- full-on yellow bag, party of a jersey with ruching, beading, sequins, applique and elegantly rolled 'do.

I ran into this amazingly talented family right off the bat before figuring out that their deft use of t-shirts was because they volunteered for the Project -- those are the official Ts. Yee gads, I'm an idiot. Onward. Obviously daughter is just show stopping in all regards. Mom made her skirt and the chestnut color together with wonderful bag and shoes against the bright blue -- my rods and cones jumped around. Even after finding out he was sporting the volunteer t-shirt, I like dad's decision to wear it over a white button-down. By the way, his music is some of the local artistry that's accompanying the photography. It's for guitar and oud. Pronounced ood. It's a 10- or 12-stringed, fret-less instrument that someone else played.