Friday, June 21, 2013

Elton John is alive and I have proof

See?  Elton John, center,  left, and The Factory It girls. Or was that James Brown and The Workhouse It girls?  I get all confused when it comes to 1950s pop stars.  This dysfunction was triggered when I, foolishly,  asked these super-giant Asian-style buffets to snuggle up in one picture frame when even one alone on a white backdrop would cause smoke to billow from the ears and bleeding in the retinas, there is that much going on stylistically.  It was frankly irresponsible of me.  Thus irresistible.  Like the long-play version of Neil Young's Down By The River,  this post is best enjoyed at leisure with plenty to occupy your remaining gray cells for the duration of one very ample doobie.

We're now heading into that real long instrumental, and when we come to, we'll be, like,  J-Star man, is that you?  I thought you dead, man.  You the finest looking dead mofo...

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