Thursday, June 27, 2013

would you rather have hair like this or a million $$

Duh, the coin.  Because then strange damp people would not accost you in public places, take poorly framed photos and post them on the internets.  In the lottery of life,  this dude got the ability to cover 1500 meters fairly quickly and one heck of a head of hair, and is working both to good affect.  He says he gets a lot of comments about the hair -- some coming down on the side of cool,  some saying it's stupid (I'm assuming those are members of the Bald and Comb-Over Club of America).  He doesn't cut it because he is not a fool it's a Samson-esque source of super powers.  If you are thinking Biff is going to jump into his vintage VW van with the boards on top and head on back to Santa Cruz, you are stoned and middle-aged mistaken  --  our Ringlets-A-Plenty rep is a Michigander, born and raised, and attends Lake Superior State University.
Now here's where I try not to look like a sicko creep preying on under-age boys with pretty pretty hair that I absolutely did not touch show his purple shoes.

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