Monday, June 17, 2013

guest blogger Tina

I can't be everywhere at once.  History has shown I can barely be one place at once without a lot of dissipation. So my guest blogger Tina went across the pond, to Pareeee, just to get this shot.  When she no longer wants to make money or friends, she has a super career as a street style stalker ahead of her. Here's her story on the photo:

Our group had walked to the Latin Quarter to check out the street markets and to see where a couple of the gal pals had stayed previously. One thing we had noticed both on the street and in store windows was brightly colored men's pants.....yellows, golds, and oranges seemed to be in particular vogue.  We had each brought at least one skirt with us should we decide to "dress" for dinner, or for Monaco. One of the gals had brought an animal print skirt, so the guy's pants and the woman's shoes are what first caught my eye. At first the couple was walking towards us, but they were too close to get a pic without being obvious and probably offensive, so I waited for them to go by and took it from behind.  I loved that everything about their outfits was coordinated....each on his/her own and also together.
Kind of like that saying that after a while people and their dogs start looking alike. I felt that about this couple. They had developed their style together.
Well played and well said.  I'm glad Tina played it safe -- dude is def packing some Dakar aftershave/pepper spray in his European man bag.  Thanks Tina! 

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