Monday, June 10, 2013

Voltage, before things got messy

I like to catch Voltage-goers pre-rave: They're cleaner and I don't have to stay up as late.  In an interesting twist,  dude here is showing some gam and his date is not, though we can see she has put her leg swaddling to good use as a phone caddy.  This guy was one of many who said his girlfriend chose his ensemble, which brings to mind the struggle to dress our Ken doll.  Barbie made things easy (well duh,  Barbie was easy) with her perma-pointed appendages, but Ken's feet were fixed in a flexed position making pants just fabric-ripping difficult.  But shorts were easier.  Or no pants at all, just a Hawaiian shirt.  I, for one, am glad the dresser above went with shorts.

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