Friday, June 18, 2010

Madonna with child, Mpls Institute of Art

I asked this glowing Madonna with child to turn sideways so you can appreciate she is not only chicly put together but chicly put together and seven months pregnant, which adds a special level of accomplishment. Truth? The heels were not comfortable but I assured her this posting made it all worthwhile. As it happens, this was taken in a gallery of 14th - 16th century portraits of women focusing on the social and political messages telegraphed by the paintings rather than any revelation of personality. In sharp contrast, I aim to reveal and celebrate individuality and personality through attire -- in this case, a beautiful, self-assured woman.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Savers on Lake Street

How romantic is this -- she's a dancer who normally lives in Paris, but was in Minneapolis visiting a friend. And shopping at Savers because she's a big (small) thrift store/flea market shopper. As her Paris digs are modest and she is a minimalist, her motto (as yet an aspiration) is for everything bought two things must go. Also every two years she likes to clear the decks and start her wardrobe afresh. Speaking of wardrobe, she's working the monochromatic look with a soft edge -- she knotted the filmy skirt and paired it with practical shoes and a vintage silk ottoman jacket. Headband is so dancer-y, n'est ce pas?

Corkscrew ringlets with a spot of color --fun.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Can you see the spark in this beautiful woman's eyes? She was here at Grand Old Days with her people -- children, grandchildren and great grandchild-- and pretty stoked about the whole show. She works with Habitat For Humanity and has helped build 2,000 (did I hear that right) houses over the years. Family, volunteering -- that's what keeps her going strong. She'll be 90 this October. She's turned out pretty sharp in the fitted blouse and awesomely tribal slacks (maybe Liz Claiborne, I couldn't keep up with her firehose of information). I actually asked her to stand still for the photo above. The first one I took, below, shows her in action and looking kind of sassy which is dead accurate. If I can be trotting two miles down the avenue with my people when I'm 89, I'll be satisfied.

Grand Old Days

Obviously her best accessory -- that 1000-watt smile. The tweed bucket hat, perfectly worn jeans jacket and breezy boho dress -- could anything say sunny Sunday better?

Normally one-shoulder looks are formal or clubby. This one has all the ease and nonchalance of a t-shirt but cooler by a factor of 11. She scored this in a clothing swap and it's become one her favorite items. I also dig her string-strappy gladiators.