Friday, November 28, 2008

This is what happens to nice wool school uniforms when they fall into the wrong hands. Another one of my completely unauthorized ventures in redesigning without a license, in the style of my favorite designer, Roland Mouret (blue frock w/breasts). I found this innocent boxy vest and prim A-line skirt at Savers for pennies, and decided I could invest that much in tarting it up. Good fabric deserves the opportunity to go bad at some point in its life. I affected the transformation via scooped out neckline, corset-like seaming and similar butt-cupping tucks in the back of the skirt. The silk blouse is a Sino-influenced Ungaro thing. Sometimes I like redesigning because I don't have to do tedious things with zippers and facings but I'm rediscovering that sometimes I have to work really really hard at being lazy. Isn't that the way?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lookit, the same silk faille Estevez gown from 1957. On the left, a dummy on the Posh Vintage website. On the right, Emma. Which one wore it better?

I may be a bit biased. Anyway, what I like about Emma's (my) dress is that I got it from the Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn, NY for much, much less than we paid for our dog. A Westie. Of course, I also sold some stuff that I wasn't wearing (think fishnet dress) at Beacon's Closet, whereas we brought nothing with us to trade for the dog. Well, we did have Emma with us... Anyway, Posh Vintage wants $825 for their's. Ha, raw deal. We have Emma, a Westie and an Estevez and probably didn't spend that much. Initial outlay, I mean. Full disclosure -- here's the dog... did we get robbed?
Here is my disemheaded body celebrating the day before Thanksgiving, not that Wednesday is such a great day just as a matter of course, but it's 40 degrees F and sunny, which is to say, happy-worthy for Minnesota. I'm all practical on top with a cashmere White + Warren tank (Savers, $3.99) and a wool Mr. Rogers cardigan by Armani (Beacon's Closet, Brooklyn, $12.99 or some ignorant outrage). The cut-offs were the daughter's and the fishnets make it a party. It's this final indignity that really offended a shopper at Korte's Grocery. She made a mock-shock face and said, "Aren't you cold?" By the by, I was wearing a down jacket over all this, which makes the average person want to ask, "Aren't you stupid?" But I didn't. Must go pat our turkey carcass with herbed salt. Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pitched a Sartorialistic idea all over town -- very poorly received. So have decided to do it meself. Got out of the sack and started to get dressed, when.... Ummm, busted. I'm having trouble with my camera so have started out with this Hedi Slimane photo of Sasha. What do you think?