Friday, November 28, 2008

This is what happens to nice wool school uniforms when they fall into the wrong hands. Another one of my completely unauthorized ventures in redesigning without a license, in the style of my favorite designer, Roland Mouret (blue frock w/breasts). I found this innocent boxy vest and prim A-line skirt at Savers for pennies, and decided I could invest that much in tarting it up. Good fabric deserves the opportunity to go bad at some point in its life. I affected the transformation via scooped out neckline, corset-like seaming and similar butt-cupping tucks in the back of the skirt. The silk blouse is a Sino-influenced Ungaro thing. Sometimes I like redesigning because I don't have to do tedious things with zippers and facings but I'm rediscovering that sometimes I have to work really really hard at being lazy. Isn't that the way?

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