Monday, January 17, 2011

Valu Thrift, St. Paul

Gratuitous zippers! Ok, the top ones might be functional in case you wanted to piratize these take-no-prisoners boots, but a zipper on the back of the hidden wedge heel? I guess it's not hidden any more. I don't even care that heel zippers are the tiniest bit ridiculous. They look badass. The dominatrix, who intimidated me by being ultra cool in buffalo plaid jacket and slouchy stocking hat, got them in July at Saks for "like $60." She's a savvy dominatrix.

So much going on here, and I didn't even include her dress at her request because her "style wasn't very good on top." Who cares? Not me. I was satisfied with the leopard leggings and buckled, wrapped and gilded leg warmers. I feel like these were made with MC Hammer's back-up dancers in mind. Or Mad Maxx does Vegas. I admired this woman's fearlessness and experimentalism. She was in the process of buying a full animal stole, complete with head, teeth, eyes and little paws with claws. Ghhuuuu.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

big island

This was the street style.


Have been over my head. Really. Waimea?