Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Sister's Closet, St. Paul

Mostly I like the swaggery boots that she got at Covered in uptown. And her mixed plaid scarf/jacket thing.

Wilebski's Blues Saloon

This is Power, a group of local bluesmen, laying down some old time Motown complete with choreography and sharp top-to-toe suits. They changed into a similar all pinstripe all the time ensemble but I dug the debonair look of the wide leg trousers and the white white white. Sharp-dressed men. I can't appreciate emo bands whose members are wearing the same thing they have for the last 47 days. And nights. Without showering.  It's a look that says, "I'm depressed and I hope you are too." I like musicians who take enough pride in their art to bathe and get dressed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Price Is Right and Righter

The last two days in LA,  I decamped from the Vagabond in Glendale and set up at the Rodeway Inn in West Hollywood, as it happens, right across the street from CBS studios on Beverly Blvd. Duh, the big draw is The Price Is Right, filmed live right there. A number of fellow guests at the Rodeway were going to be on the show, and the woman above had driven up with her friend from somewhere around San Diego but had missed the 9 am taping. It was about 9:30 am when i took this shot and they were waiting around hoping to be chosen for the noon show. So we had some time to chat. 
She does hair and makeup, and wants to do more of same. She did her own, see above. She thinks they choose Price Is Right audience members based on whether or not they can act excited which she thinks she can -- she was voted class clown in high school. She likes having her picture taken but doesn't like a lot of people looking at her. She dresses like this all the time, not just to get on The Price Is Right.

West Hollywood

Lotta towering shoes in LA, see above. I like wooden heel. Also like comprehensive blackness. Can only write in incomplete choppy phrases because just got back to MN and am shoveling out, literally and figuratively.  Am looking at the sun and pavement in this photo longingly. Already history.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Griffith Observatory

It's nighttime with the lights of Los Angeles spread out to the horizon. I was not a total freak -- I did enjoy the view and tried to take some sweeping vistas with my point and shoot camera. (They did not come out). But I was intrigued by this woman's webby tights (they were sparkly but that also did not come out). She and the tights are from Japan.

brand ave, los angeles

Just so bright and cheerful and the mr. rogers sweater puts the whole thing in proper perspective.

los feliz area, los angeles

I'm in Los Angeles! I was just stepping out of one of my favorite vintage stores (which is to say I've now been there twice), Squaresville, and this young woman had just finished purchasing Paris Vogue and our paths crossed with predictable results. Look at my bad shadow looming onto her cute socks n sandals. She got the rich rich looking purse at a Goodwill or some such, but it appears to have origins at some of the leather makers down on Olivera Street. She said that, not me. She's Australian, raised in NYC and now is apparently in LA waiting to be captured by a street style blogger. Because no street style photographer can resist a peplumed skirt AND a hairbow. Can't be done.
Well my friends, you'll be happy to know I ran up Mount Lukens at high noon my first day here and was surprised by the ensuing sunburn. Leatheriness is progressing nicely, thanks very much. In keeping with my high-risk lifestyle, I'm now off to a restaurant called I (heart) Tofu & BBQ.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Columbia Heights Savers

Look above -- so so green. And shiny. And well made. They say Corso Como inside and see the luxe padding in the forefoot? It's a rotten shame they're about 1/2 size too big, so anyone who actually wears a size 8 should run on over to My sister's Closet tomorrow (Monday).  I cannot stop looking at that green. Maybe because it's snowing. Again.

And then we have this lovely lumberjack who was shopping with her mom who is tres smart and let the young one develop her own style from about age 2 on. As we can see, she goes her own way and that is just ok. She's a freshman at Loyola, home on spring break.

Dang I had a good time at Savers. Also got a pair of gold vintage sandals that say they're from CM Stendahl, Minneapolis -- The Shoeists. Good thing they were shoeists, because they weren't writeists.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paper Darts Launch Party

Some people adjust to winter by wearing a sweater and really rococo tights.

And some people put a t-shirt under their mom's dress and wear a scarf from Anthropologie and wrist warmers for toasty wrists and vintage looking Seychelles boots.  I remember being warm, sweaty even, throughout the 70s because of the nonbreathing acrylic and polyester.