Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mpls Inst of Art, just keeps going

 This is going to be the post in which I cut off everyone's heads. It'll be fun. Anyhoo, the relevant part above is the graphic circle skirt with crinoline underneath so it moved very well. The fabric is the same as that used by a Project Runway contestant named Mondo. Now if you are a track person, you know that a Mondo track is that red rubber that smells pretty bad when it gets hot. I'm pretty sure it's toxic. But that has nothing to do with this skirt.

 Here are 10 of the twelve models. They're working.

She's so cute I had to leave her half-head in. She was working with Laura Fulk, local designer and legend whose designs were on show here. Laura holds a dear place in my heart because I once thought it would be a good idea to put on a fashion show for my previous employer, and Laura was extremely instrumental in the event actually happening. Which is to say, she did everything-- designed clothes, taught me about runways and music and how you have to walk like the top half of your body is catching up with your toes and look real mean/bored. Actually I guess the models learned that at modeling school. Anyway, Laura positively did everything and was apparently not permanently scarred by it. Thanks Laura! The woman above is wearing Hue tights.

Mpls Inst of Art, starting to abbreviate

 Relax PETA friends, that's a faux animal around her neck. But the over-the-knee boots are 100% genuinely real take-no-prisoners. And the dress is thrifted. From a thrift store. You know how using thrift as a verb gives me hives, but if you honestly did the act of thrifting, you would not buy anything. Right?

The night of a 1000 white boots. Actually two, but they loomed large in my fragile psyche. These are by somebody-or-other Morain. Heart. She's a MCAD student. Now did I manipulate this photo in some way that made her hair look green tipped or was that one of the reasons I stalked her in the first place? Surprisingly, this is not a case for booze cluez as I was substance-free and workin it.

Mpls Institute of Art, more of it

 This is Emma Berg, one of the four designers whose work was being shown. What gave it away? The red lipstick, right? Hahaha, I'm being facetious cuz that's just the way I am. No foo', it's the triple awesome comprehensively tiered and draped and zipped up the side LANVIN dress. Note the all caps because it's not Tallulah Lanvin of Albany, NY -- this dress is the design expression of the house of LANVIN, Pareeee. She got it on super clearance at the MOA and believes it may be three sizes too big, but I for one, think she did the right thing. You may get distracted by her big old honking platforms or her tights or her super arty black karate chop haircut, but don't. Focus only on the dress.

True, they've got an undeniably cute French schoolgirl thing going on here, but I liked their body language-- kind of shyly sitting on this bench while a band whose speakers went up to 11 abused their instruments about 10 feet away.

Mpls Institute of Art, night o' fashion

 Mmmmm, my favorite. I know you're not supposed to say that but seriously... drum majorette boots?!!! She scored them this very day at Goodwill.  Also why do her pants (knee pants really) look stripey? They patently were not. But lookit the cowboy coat the doublebreasted jacket -- it's like George Washington, Bill Hickock and Dale Evans going to town as one person.

Wow huh? My sentiments exactly. Long cool drink o' disco.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Columbia Heights Savers

Oooo gosh I've been a stranger to this here blog - I've had paying work and you know how that gets in the way.  I did take the time to patronize Savers' Veteran's Day 50% off sale (very cognizant of the cost of such freedom) when a person with a full set of teeth went by and man I pounced. Luckily my camera batteries had one more picture in them so we made it count. She cut the arms off of the vintage Betsey Johnson fit-and-flare dress and now wears them as optional arm warmers. Fab vintage Vivienne Westwood jacket -- see the little orbs on the buttons? Well click on the photo and stretch your imagination silly. Did I mention, she scored this swag at Savers? See the atomic silver Le Sport Sac strap? It was a special edition signed by a French designer whose name I can't remember. It's kind of validating to find another one of my people, but we were both in hunting mode, so we didn't get all emo about it.