Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mpls Inst of Art, starting to abbreviate

 Relax PETA friends, that's a faux animal around her neck. But the over-the-knee boots are 100% genuinely real take-no-prisoners. And the dress is thrifted. From a thrift store. You know how using thrift as a verb gives me hives, but if you honestly did the act of thrifting, you would not buy anything. Right?

The night of a 1000 white boots. Actually two, but they loomed large in my fragile psyche. These are by somebody-or-other Morain. Heart. She's a MCAD student. Now did I manipulate this photo in some way that made her hair look green tipped or was that one of the reasons I stalked her in the first place? Surprisingly, this is not a case for booze cluez as I was substance-free and workin it.

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