Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Columbia Heights Savers

Oooo gosh I've been a stranger to this here blog - I've had paying work and you know how that gets in the way.  I did take the time to patronize Savers' Veteran's Day 50% off sale (very cognizant of the cost of such freedom) when a person with a full set of teeth went by and man I pounced. Luckily my camera batteries had one more picture in them so we made it count. She cut the arms off of the vintage Betsey Johnson fit-and-flare dress and now wears them as optional arm warmers. Fab vintage Vivienne Westwood jacket -- see the little orbs on the buttons? Well click on the photo and stretch your imagination silly. Did I mention, she scored this swag at Savers? See the atomic silver Le Sport Sac strap? It was a special edition signed by a French designer whose name I can't remember. It's kind of validating to find another one of my people, but we were both in hunting mode, so we didn't get all emo about it.

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