Friday, December 25, 2009

two daughters, sculpture garden

Daughters in the Sculpture Garden not fully appreciating that 37 degrees is warm. Emma swapped coats with her roommate and ended up with a Banana Republic of 2007 vintage.

my deck, my daughter

We were laughing about the article on how to get shot by the Sartorialist and decided to follow the directions which included lots of big label accessories (in this case, Michael Kors bag and boots), menswear with a pop of color with quirky head gear. Done and done. Some of the ingredients we couldn't come by were being Kate Lamphear, being a big name model and a Soho or Meatpacking cobblestone location. Instead we went with the natural dark texture of the deck and our lovely birch tree and the 18" of snow which we ordered just for this shoot. Sartorialist nuthin.

Monday, December 21, 2009

coat of many colors

Isn't this coat amazing? With the one big sculpted button? So arty. You will believe it if you're a style hunter, she found it at a thrift store.

Monday, December 14, 2009

do you see what I see?

It's cold baby cold but not everyone at the U of M looked like the guy striding into the frame. I spied a bold zebra print skirt and some artisanally enhanced mukluks and it positively made my day. I am not going to sugarcoat -- it takes a lot of determination to carry through an ensemble that wards off a -22 degree wind chill, and salt and chemical slush, grips glassy inclines and is visually uplifting at the same time. These are nefarious times for MN stylers.
In fact, one of my favorite recent purchases, some sort of motorcycley boots with leather soles, did not pass muster on the very first brush with snow. I might as well have waxed the frozen and treadless soles, they were that slippery. You know those gray pebbly rubber ovals that women of an age stick on the soles of shoes for insty-grip but the sticky soles don't know when to stop gripping and they come to a real sudden stop on a patch of deep pile carpeting and she headers and breaks a hip? I might try those.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

more Midtown Global Market

I'm working with a loaner computer that is anti-cropping so activate your zoom and check out the big fringe mocs and downtown diva jacket.

Mama made her skirt and her baby bunting and her six-week-old baby and she looks fresh and fabulous. She did not make babette's adorable booties though. Huh, slacking. I'm wanting her snow bunny mukluks. She's standing in front of her husband's artwork.

Midtown Global Market

This Amelie put it together from such mundane sources as Target (her cloche) and the Gap (bubble skirt) but it comes off as tres mignon. The floral locket is her grandma's.

Midtown Global Market

New Year's resolution -- learn to cut your own hair. I was really really really impressed by the layering she accomplished by her very own hand. A little bit impish, a little bit edgy, the cut rocks.

And as we can see, she's surehanded when it comes to getting dressed too. Lacy tights, floral ex-maxi skirt and droll cloth boutonniere girly bits meet fatigue jacket, mocs and her mom's fabulous western belt.

pattern frenzy at Midtown Gobal Market

Oooo lookit, I inadvertantly caught this color captain twice. Sky blue love she carries through in the laces of her purple trainers. A woman of a practical bent, she bumped up the R factor of her trippy print dress with jeans.

Yes, it's hard not to notice her mega-graphic frock but what grabbed me was the legwarmers she made from the sleeves of an old sweater and the dress patent leather clogs. A textural bonanza.

crowned head, Midtown Global Market

True confession -- I went to the No Coast Craftorama strictly for the style sightings. I was not disappointed. This lavender-haired craftress knit her own Brit bomber from a punk pattern. Good show.