Wednesday, March 16, 2011

los feliz area, los angeles

I'm in Los Angeles! I was just stepping out of one of my favorite vintage stores (which is to say I've now been there twice), Squaresville, and this young woman had just finished purchasing Paris Vogue and our paths crossed with predictable results. Look at my bad shadow looming onto her cute socks n sandals. She got the rich rich looking purse at a Goodwill or some such, but it appears to have origins at some of the leather makers down on Olivera Street. She said that, not me. She's Australian, raised in NYC and now is apparently in LA waiting to be captured by a street style blogger. Because no street style photographer can resist a peplumed skirt AND a hairbow. Can't be done.
Well my friends, you'll be happy to know I ran up Mount Lukens at high noon my first day here and was surprised by the ensuing sunburn. Leatheriness is progressing nicely, thanks very much. In keeping with my high-risk lifestyle, I'm now off to a restaurant called I (heart) Tofu & BBQ.

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