Friday, June 7, 2013


Crafty and wearing stripes and a long jacket/short dress dichotomy and very sharp menswear flats. And not succumbing to a sweatpant-manifested cold and grey funk.  Those are just a few factors that greenlighted this photo.  She's a recent St. Olaf grad in photographic theory.  That allowed her to make those sculptural earrings. And she knitted and felted that bag her very own self.  Here's how it's done:
1. Circular knit a tube about twice as long as you want your purse to be. Wool shrinks upward by half but not nearly as much width-wise.  Wash it on warm and dry flat, not in the dryer.  Repeat about 1000 times.  Sew up the bottom and attach some kind of strap/handle. 
If you're real talented, go to a thrift store and buy the biggest 100% wool sweater you can find in a pleasing combo of colors.  Start in with the washing and drying, as above. 
There's something seven dwarves/animated about felted wool that I adore.

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