Saturday, June 1, 2013

if you were a sociology major with a good job, you'd be smiling too

Just got home from the salt mines and looking professional in a soft science way (the shirt was tucked at the office, but she's cutting the noose and letting it loose after hours).  If she was in a hard science, like chemical engineering for example, the skirt would be woven, not knit, and the red scarf would be replaced by a thin gold necklace with her initials. If she worked for a nonprofit, she'd have on a long scary-hairy-no-worries skirt. If she worked for a tech startup, she'd be a boy.  She's a Macalester grad who segued gracefully into a job with the Department of Health.  Admissions is even now on the phone with me negotiating rights for a Soft Science Success Poster Child of the Year photo.  I'm playing hardball, really jonesing for a lifetime supply of mulch.

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