Sunday, September 18, 2011

she did it her way

the blink is 100% my fault and i apologize but i couldn't crop it out because this chic woman is playing a crucial role in my campaign to show that snooki is not the go-to for fashion events. job interviews, yes, but not the Envision smackdown. and her whole story starts above the blink with the witty fedora. where snooki calls for 27 pounds of fucking firm hold product in the hair, this woman cleverly plays jaunty men's garb against her beautiful face (good reflexes -- protecting her eyeballs against searing flash). where snooki is wearing a felony offense, this woman is draped in the mantel of class, pure and simple. stripper shoes? uhno no no. these sharp kicks look an awful lot like the dries van notens i brayed about a few months back. right on, woman.

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