Sunday, September 4, 2011

more Cliches

Again with the hair scraps that speak of some kind of lively conflagration -- i like that.  but i also like these woven heels (on the feet of Cliche owner Josh Delayna Sundberg). real familiar they are -- the graphic black and white weave, the chunky covered heels.... and i went on a big information superhighway hunt and found the doppelgangers. prada, spring '11. try as i might, i could not upload the photo for your comparing pleasure, so click on the link below. sort of a lot of extra work but what the hell, you got nuthin going right?

 Grrrrrrrrrforsmokinhotness. Is it Lydia or is it hot in herrrrrrrre? She designs jewelry for Cliche and in fact made the waterfalls she's wearing above. wow.

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