Sunday, April 10, 2011

Envisioning a time when I'll run out of Envision shots

 Talk about tribal, and we were not, but maybe we will now.  These are quite the conversation piece but before you get all riled up about bizarre piercings and plugs and so forth, know that this is not a canine from a sabertooth tiger but rather a tame earring that comes apart and goes through a normal-sized hole in her ear. Probably this is what neandrathal girls wore.

I'll take my pinot shaken not stirred daaaarling.  Say what you will about affected elegance, I'm here to say, she dug around in her closet and, bless her Grey Poupon, came up with something that wasn't short, tight, bespangled and tarted up with hooker shoes.  She swung way individual and plays it off damn well too. Miss, we are in your debt.

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