Monday, April 18, 2011

Minneapolis Film Festival

 Ackghhhuu, why don't i just check the photo to see if the fucking unseasonably cold weather froze her eyeballs the tiniest bit and she blinked to melt them back to usefulness? I didn't and when i got home, was faced (pun intended) with a nasty editorial decision. Yes it's a little creepy to cut off her face in the middle but everything below the blink was great. Eyes -- who needs em? Especially when you're rocking these giddyup green and stirruped pups. The snaps are functional which makes me like them even more. Can't take any more because the wonderfulness/green envy is eating you up?
 She got them in Paris. 
Walk it off.

Six kinds of dapper.  And the tights? Two bits, zwei scheckels, at Target. Do things like this make Karl Lagerfeld want to just hang up the powdered wig and not wear sunglasses inside any more? Does it just drain his will to live to suck up to Daphne Guinness and Anna Wintour to sell a couple $15,000 frocks when Ralph Peterson or whoever is getting mad rich selling a trillion tights at two clams a pop? Personally, cheap fun stuff completely kills any DIY creativity i may have had. Did i mention, the reason i had time to meander around by the mighty Mississipp was because the Bill Cunningham documentary was sold out. So i used my time to document street style. Cute huh? I was not on my bike.

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