Sunday, April 17, 2011

Minnesota Design Diaries

Never...ok, rarely, have i felt such lust for an article of clothing as i have for these boots. Part of it is that i could pull them off because they're neither too yeehaw western nor too tribal to make a mockery of my profoundly German-Irish mashed potato look.

 I realize this event was about empowering girls and it did that to the point where i was at risk of hugging and crying and hollering out Right On Sisters with accompanying hand gesture (which the women's movement has been remiss in officially declaring so i just use the black power fist from the 60s).  Dammit, we can do anything we put our minds to! (Except taxes, but i just don't want to). Anyway, i don't want to diminish in any way the awesome power of the girl-designer in the middle and her two BFFs, but darn it if they aren't the cutest things ever. And they are kickin A and taking names in their free time.

 Ok i did spontaneously hug the woman above and it was not because i loved her boots, which i did. We just both agreed that this Old Arizona program is hugely inspirational and wonderful and the weirdest mashup of ideas. Look it up

This is Rachel deLange who reminded me mid-babble that i had stalked her last year during fashion week. Now you'd think that my using some pervy pickup line like Aren't you a model? would encourage her to out with the mace and be done with it, but she did suffer this fool. Thanks man. Woman. Just to set the record straight, Rachel is a designer whose spring line will appear at her website,, and is available at Cliche in south Minneapolis.  The blue lace tank is her very own design. The blue, the tights, the stripes...there is just every chance in the world i will not recognize her and take her photo again next year.  Being senile makes my world very fresh and exciting.

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ruffhog said...

I may have to fight you for those boots in the first picture.....