Tuesday, May 1, 2012

models in bloom

 What are the chances, right?  That I should happen onto not one but two models in the tribal uniform of off-duty models, one of whom (her leopardness) had recently returned from a modeling assignment in Singapore, who both love and represent and are represented by Vision Management only moments after I was busted by a museum brownshirt attendant for using a flash which probly degrades the art by hosing it with photons, so I turned off the flash and tried to rely on holding the camera steady for 8 or 10 or a million seconds while the shutter invited every particle of light from the third floor in?  

Come to think of it, the chances are quite good.
This is my impressionistic rendering of her TSA-friendly Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Impregnable (and I may have said a mouthful there) shoes are having a moment, aren't they?  I could see where an off-duty walker or an off-duty finder-of-stuff-in-the-dark might accidentally aerate their body.

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