Friday, May 18, 2012

this is what some people look like coming home from work

 Again with the employment of crisp black and white, to nice affect. What's remarkable here is that this is the end of the day, 5 bells, and she is not sporting raw sewage on any portion of her being. I thought that was a given -- why else would you take a shower? It's times like this I realize my life has been happening on a parallel but nonintersecting plain.  Proof positive? See the cute bow-browed sunglasses below? Why would I buy something like this..
when I could be rocking the pieces of black plastic they gave the little man after they dilated his pupils? And why wouldn't I have a TV set with rabbit ears? If you are a facial plastics specialist, avert your eyes from the Chucky-esque nasolabial canyon.

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