Friday, May 11, 2012

party pants

It was her birthday, ergo the party pants. They are festive, no? In a classic Greek way. Ooopah! Which is Greek for Bring some more of that flaming likker! I was kind of surprised later after I toddled away on my bike and the lonely gray cells had time to connect up via pony express, because the message that was handed off was Huh, I have just witnessed gold shiny shiny gold leggings and I don't feel dirty or like I should call a responsible adult at all, the way I do when I see the same article in an American Apparel ad. I guess it's the simple sandals and belted vacationing-in-Capri-the-island tunic.  And the fact she's not wearing handcuffs. Happy Birthday golden girl -- you're already older and wiser! And shinier!

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