Wednesday, May 30, 2012

vintage posture

Is it possible to pose in a retro way? Even though they've both done a super job of saying "vintage" sartorially, what rings my Andy Mayberries is the way they're standing.  He's kind of a broad-shouldered palooka just come from his steady job at the bank, standing straight, and proud to be out with his girl. Arm around her waist, not in Guido way, but in a This is my date way. His sweetheart is kind of snuggled into his armpit and doesn't mind it one bit. She's dolled herself up -- lipstick, fixed her hair, fully foundationed -- and standing demurely, feet together, ladylike but confident, shoulders back, smile forward. The curve of her hand on her purse -- Rembrandt-esque. Gosh, they're swell.

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