Wednesday, May 2, 2012

blue heaven

Hoooweee, word, new moms -- the bar has just been raised. One more damn thing to cry about. When I saw this fabulous either-I'm-dusting-my-baby-grand-in-a-multilayered-chiffon-dream-reminiscent-of an-Edith-Head-original-or-I'm-effin-wasted go by with her American boy doll on the hip and some shoes that had me thinking how easy it would be to simply knock her down, take them and run like hell...well. Like you, I assumed she was either a super hot teenage babysitter or a celeb mom and that this photo op would soon be over and the nanny would take the kid quick before mummy's blowout got mussed. 
Dead wrong mofos.
She made that child her very own self (in between a pilates class and a worthwhile volunteer gig one assumes) and was confident enough in the care and operation of said toddler to bring him to a museum with lots of breakable art and people in a barf-ready white skirt (!) and mummy's-ankle-has-an-owee  heels(!) and hair(!)  Don't shoot the messenger when I tell you the skirt stayed white, the art remained intact and so did this party's sanity the entire evening. On top of wearing white and heavenly drapey blue and momming with one hand, she was real friendly and nice and told me she dresses this way all the time (except for the heels) in her job as a teacher at a Minneapolis Montessori school. "The kids listen better when I'm dressed well," she said. It's true. In her warm, pretty, smiley presence, all my urges to push or butt in line or swear just melted away. Pretty much.
P.S. Is she a Jennifer Lawrence look-alike or am I stoned?

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