Thursday, May 17, 2012

visitor to A Man's World

Luckily this interloper decided to bust in on It's A Man's World fashion show or there would have been an event without sparkles which is like a brand new pencil -- long and pointless. You've been a great audience, thank you, oh enough, you're too kind. 
Moving on, yes, I heart the sequined jacket and sparkly clutch, but I'm intrigued by the satin peplum. Did the blouse designer run out of silk and decide to finish it out in satin? Was the juxtaposition of fabrics deliberate? There's a lot of retinal tension at the blouse-peplum border that makes me feel alive. My blood pressure is jacked over the whole concern. Also, this marks the second time I've photographed liquid leggings in which Olivia Newton John was NOT singing Better Shape Up in the background. And again, the affect is one of citified sophistication rather than urban blight.
Next time a camera is pointed at me, I'm going to try to remember to cross my legs like this. And smile. With both sides of my mouth, equally.

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