Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a Man's Post, ha

Secrets Fashion Agency, the brainchild of local fashion impresario Joan whose sternum we met previously, produced a men's fashion event called It's a Man's World, which I cannot argue with.  Men walk around in their world in pretty unremarkable clothes (there is a reason for this, see below), so when I got wind of this male magnet, I hurried on down. And was rewarded! Dudes! Feeling the tiniest bit self-conscious! So I like to capitalize on that and call it out -- people like that.  

Above we find Sam in a blue phase. Just chillin'. Those are not jeans, they're denim and may or may not be new.  The tie and vest suggest he's in the business of chillin' and very very successful at it. Right on man, cute as the dickens.  (Is it better to be grammatically correct and use the apostrophe, ex. chillin', or to be colloquial and hope that my readers, both of you, understand that chillin is neither a new verb nor a typo? The gag reflex that I get from having typed this term four times tells me I should be gougin' out my eyes, it's that morally wrong).

Here is why it's best that guys walk around in unremarkable clothes...

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