Wednesday, May 23, 2012

third eye skirt

Isn't this the scariest skirt you ever saw in your whole life?  In a good way.  In fact, it has inspired a haiku:
Three eyes has this skirt.
Fifteen years from the Goodwill,
it has seen a lot.

Eye'm not quitting my day job. Haiku was clearly the wrong vehicle -- this skirt deserves an epic poem because some avant garde chick who made her own tofu bought it, undoubtedly after listening to Ravi Shankar on repeat, and when she got back after the accident, she was never the same. Which may have been a good thing.  Forest, trees, whatever, she boxed up all that old shit and the Indian print bedspread and put it in that donation bin on Nicollet. With $1.49 burning holes in her pockets, the above woman's much older sister got this in a witchy woman Maya Angelou moment. Ten years of scary eyeballing later and she steps in as the caretaker of this historical surreal skirt. Hysterical skirealism?

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