Sunday, April 29, 2012

black n white

Also fresh n pretty n game (she changed back into the workin it  heels for the photo) even after eight hours of watering the floral designers and generally helping get Art In Bloom blooming. She says she's used to long days from her work in some  aspect of real estate (that leaked through the sieve of my brain).  She's a super advertisement for that shop White House/Black Market, or is it Black House/White Market.... echhh anyway, she wears a lot of black and white because, as we can see, it really holds up. (Her suit is actually black, not peppery as it appears here as a result of my jacking the shadows function up to 110% so you could see the pleated collar detail). Can I just say, I'm deeply envious of her hair -- the cut, the color, the behavingness.  It must be wonderfully freeing to go through life not making passersby wonder why Rod Stewart just popped into their consciousness.

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